23 Mar 2019

reiki level 1


reiki 1 is a lovely healing modality of self healing for oneself and others using universal energy, this is the original usui method of healing

you can use reiki on family and friends also your animals then if you want to go onto the next level then reiki 2 is to become a practitioner and to use the reiki healing on clients

you will learn the history of reiki and about dr usui

how to give reiki with chair and couch hand positions

how to feel and sence reiki


4 attunements

clearing auras

covering the chakras and what they are and how to balance them

£15o deposit of £50 non refundable deposit to secure your place..

tea coffee biscuits provided but please bring your own lunch

11 Nov 2018

Introduction to Archangel Metatron

£50 with a £20 deposit to secure your place

This workshop is an Introducton to Archangel Metatron and the sacred geomitry..why we use this in our lives, 

we will be bringing in his energy via meditation

also using the metatron cube as a mandala for healing and sending distant healing

we will be using the metatron sprays made by amanda ellis and also my angel sprays for healing

Archangel metatron is known as the angel of life and he guards the tree of life ,he is the keeper of the Akashic records, you can call upon Archangel metatron for help in spiritual developement and learning


this workshop gives you an insight to the metatron level 1 and 2 courses that i run where you get attuned to metatrons enrgy and light and can use this as a healing modality.

Archangel Metatron Level 1 Course


This is a course introducing you to Archangel metatron and Archangel sandolphon colour healing
An attunement to level 1
looking at all aspects of colour healing including using the metatron energy sprays made by Amanda Ellis
Who is archangel metatron
who is archangel sandolphon
Level 1 is looking at how you can incorporate metatron and sandalphon into your life.when you work with  metatrons energy everything will change around you in such a beautiful way and working with him will bring some beautiful changes to your lifes journey. he is a force to be reckoned with and really pushes you at where you are meant to be on your souls pathway. most people get a calling when they are ready to work with metatron  and in this course we look at sacred geometry merkaba energy and plotonic solid,s how to use them in your self healings. we also use metatron energy sprays made by Amanda ellis who is the founder of metatron colour healing.  this healing modality is all about using colour ,sacred geometry,you may then want to go onto the level 2 which will then enable you to use this healing on clients and help to transform their lives to ... you get a prep manual two weeks before the course and two meditations to do to prepare yourselves.

the price for this two day course is 222 pounds
50 pounds non refundable deposit
the remainder balance paid two weeks prior to course
includes manuals
a gift 
tea coffe biscuits provided
please bring your own lunch

21 Feb 2019

Reiki Share


Monthly reiki shares held from Angelic Harmony in Bournemouth

reiki shares are a great support for self healing and healing on others

as long as you have done reiki 1 then you are welcome to come to these groups

5 pounds to book your place includes tea and coffee

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